Why My Garage Door Remote Won’t Work?

The garage door remote comes with convenience features that help you avoiding the hassle of work, opening and closing the garage door manually. It will be a lot of help when you come home after a long day at work. Enjoy easy access through your garage without getting out of the car. 

Within a push of a button, the remote control will work as a radio transmitter by sending a specific code to the garage door opener, operates by closing or opening the garage door. But the garage is likely to be the most used home entrance for the homeowners. It is understandable when the garage door opener system gets a functionality issue. 

When the garage door struggles to operate or won’t open after you push the garage door remote button, you should discover and learn what the cause might be. It might be the remote control batteries or even broken garage door opener parts. The homeowners should understand the possible reason behind the issue and find the right treatment to fix it. Read on below to figure out what happened and find out the correct solution.

Reasons Why My Garage Door Remote Opener Stop Working

Sometimes, the damage or system failure of garage door opener parts or remote opener might be a simple issue that the professionals can immediately repair. However, in some cases, the damage might be severe, which need further inspection and repair. 

The article below is six possible garage door remote issues you can identify once your garage door remote stop working. Get your garage door smooth operation back again.

1. Dead Remote Batteries

When was the last time you change the garage door remote batteries? You should have a check it before calling the garage door repairs experts. Especially when your remote suddenly stops sending the signal to the opener and the garage door is not responding. Garage door remote batteries usually last around two years. 

Try opening the door using the wall-mounted control panel to see whether the batteries are dead. If the door works, the dead batteries most likely are the issue. Replace the batteries with the new ones and consider recycling them responsibly.

2. Interrupted Remote Signal

If you have replaced the remote batteries, but the door is still not responding, there might be an issue with the signal between the remote and door opener. If the signal is interrupted, two common reasons may cause the problem. The remote control might be out of range or broken opener receiving antennae.  

Check it by standing around 20 feet from your garage door and press the remote control button. The signal won’t be strong enough if you operate the remote further away from the door. Check the receiving antennae whether it has build-up debris. If it’s dirty, not pointed towards the door and looks damaged, contact the local professional garage door repair to inspect and fix it right away.

3. Lock Button Engaged

The engaged lock button can raise an issue and make your remote opener stops working. You need to ensure the lock button on the wall-mounted control panel has not been engaged. Anyone could accidentally press the button while cleaning or working in the garage. You can disengage the lock with a press on the lock button. Then, press the open button on the panel to test the door’s operation.

4. Wiring Malfunction on the Door Control

If both the remote and wall-mounted method doesn’t make the door operates, check the control wiring of the garage door system and the receiver board of the opener, the issue might be there. You can quickly check the opener’s wiring quality by following the steps below:

  • Disconnect the opener and two wires from the motor
  • Reconnect the machine to the power, clear up the memory and reprogram the remote control. 
  • Unplug the device again
  • Connect the control wiring to the motor
  • Locate the wall-mounted controls, then disconnect the wiring
  • Check the door functionality with your garage door opener remote

5. Reprogramming Remote Control

The signal between the remote control and the door opener can be interrupted sometimes by the regular use of the garage door. Re-associate and reprogram the garage door remote by pressing the door opener learn button. In the next 30 seconds, press the button for three seconds or waiting until the LED light on the opener blinks. If you successfully close and open the door automatically using the remote control, it means the reprogramming is a success.

6. Blown GFI

Another reason why your garage door remote stops working may be the blown Ground Fault Interpreter (GFI). It is responsible for protecting your house from any potential electrical issue like overheating. You may have experienced the GFI jumping at home, such as when you use the hairdryer and should hit the reset button on the wall outlet. The GFI jumping prevents you from blowing a fuse.

In the garage door system, the malfunctioned GFI would stop the garage door operation. In some models, it might start using the back-up batteries. Quickly repairs the GFI by pressing the reset button you can find on the wall outlet, the one that corresponds with your garage. It commonly located in the garage, main bathroom or laundry room.

Garage Door Spare Parts Near Me

If your garage door is still not responding after trying the troubleshooting tips above, consider seeking professional garage door remote service help. Your garage door spare parts in Perth may need replacement. The Garage Door Shop technicians are ready to inspect, repairs and even replace the damaged garage door spare parts. Contact our team by pressing the button below to learn more about our services.