Most Common Garage Door Problems

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Your residential garage door is a handy convenience until it breaks down and you need garage door parts in Perth. It is imperative that your residential garage door is regularly serviced and maintained to detect any issues with your garage door parts in Perth.

In between services, though, there are telltale signs that garage door parts in Perth households are starting to fail. These are some of the more common problems you might experience with your residential garage door.

The garage door opener is not working

When the garage door opener is not working, it could simply be a case of a flat battery or a broken remote, so try new batteries and the spare remote first to see if that is the issue. Beyond that, there could be a coding issue so try and reset the connection between the motor and the remote.

If none of that works, you may have an issue with the garage door motor so call the garage door repair professionals.

The door is opening unevenly

There are two likely causes for this. There could be a blockage in the rails or tracks, so inspect them to see if anything is obstructing the door from rolling up smoothly.

It could also be an issue with your garage door springs, which bear a large amount of the load to assist the motor. If your rails are clear, call in the experts to have your springs inspected and replaced.

The garage door is opening very slowly

There is a range of causes for this. The first thing to check is your rails and rollers. Are they clogged with dirt? They will need to be cleaned and relubricated with grease.

Outside of this, there could be an issue with your motor or springs which will need to be inspected by professionals.

A noisy garage door

This is another sign that your rollers could need to be cleaned and lubricated, but it could also be a sign of more serious issues. Try a silicone-based lubricant and if that does not change the noise level, the rollers may need replacing.

Is the noise more of a rattling sound? This could be loose hardware so check all of the nuts and bolts and see if anything needs tightening.

A loud pop or bang when the garage door is not in operation is likely to be a spring snapping and you should have it replaced before trying to operate your roller door again.

A whining noise couple with a slow to open garage door could be an indicator that the motor is starting to fail.

If you are having issues with your roller door, need servicing or maintenance or would like advice or a quote on any other service like garage door insulation, contact the professionals at The Garage Door Shop on 0408 915 505.