Junk Removal and Garage Cleanout Tips

junk removal garage cleanout

If you have come to this article that means you haven’t been able to park your car conveniently inside the garage all this time which is mostly due to the unorganized stuff inside the garage and the piling of junk all over the place.

Don’t worry because you are in the right place to look for the answer because we are the expert in managing the garage, and doors and keeping it “comfortable” for you to park and store the car safely. Follow our junk removal and garage cleanout tips below to get it sorted out with the least effort and cost-efficiency.

1. Empty the Garage

The garage common problem in the residential complex in Perth is that it becomes a multipurpose place not only for keeping the car but also as house appliances storage. Usually, you can find old chairs, tables and other junk inside the garage that are placed randomly which can reduce the space inside.

Taking all of them out of the garage should be a priority because it will make it easier for you to calculate how much space you have been losing all these years and help to identify which items that still needed/usable and which junk need to be gotten rid of.

2. Deep Cleaning the Garage

Once it’s emptied from the house appliances and junk, you can start the cleaning process, take note, because garage cleanout is not a regular activity; roughly once a year; you need to do a deep cleaning to ensure that the garage will stay clean and organize for a longer period.

Start with sweeping all of the easy-to-see dust and debris on the floor with a broom, then, if it’s reachable, the ceiling and corners can use a sweeping too because most likely spiders have nested there. Next, you can rinse the floor with a pressure washer thoroughly to every corner and mop the floor evenly then leave it to completely dry for a moment.

3. Check the Garage Doors Condition

When was the last time you did a check-up on the garage doors? It sure needs extra attention because the doors have been working hard all of these years keeping everything safe inside the garage. Why don’t take this chance to check its condition by doing a simple inspection like checking the sensor alignment or weatherstrip condition?

There’s a high chance that you will discover some damaged parts which require immediate repair, best to call us straight away to do residential garage door repairs because our team has been the expert in this field for over a decade in Perth.

4. Reorganize the Stuff

Now, that you already have a nice clean and spacious garage, it’s time to put back all of the stuff that has been taken out in a well and organized manner. Once you already got the list of items you still need, do a pre-organizing by imagining where you will put the stuff back including space for your car and a safe walkway without being hindered by any of that stuff.

Best to divide the space in two where one side’s purpose for the placement of the items while the other is for the car to park. Don’t forget to make sure all of the items are secure and safe to be placed on the selected point. Additionally, use the garage wall as a hanger where you can put a small-sized tool that is hangable.

All that is left is what to do with the junk and old home appliances. If you want them to be gone, best to manage them in a skip bin of 4m3 in size which you can hire from a reputable waste management and junk removal service like Coastal Waste that offers a cheap price for skip bins. Get an instant quote by using the simple form below.

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5. Give Some Loves to the Garage Driveway

The often overlooked part of the garage plays an important role in giving secure access for your car to park safely in the garage, the garage driveway. The fact that it is placed outside the garage and close to the front yard makes it vulnerable to any damage and rubbish from the nearby tree or other factors. Therefore, good sweeping and pressure water will do the trick, let the sun do the magic on drying it. 


Garage cleanout is not only about securing the space in the garage but also ensuring the safety of everyone while inside the garage because you don’t want to be suddenly crushed by fallen stuff that is scattered randomly inside the garage. This and all of the other accidents can be prevented by doing garage cleanouts in a well-organised manner. Also, always remember that our team of garage door repairmen are always ready to fix any damaged parts of your garage doors, call us at 0408 915 505. Thank you for reading and feel free to share this article.