Is Your Garage Door Stuck Halfway? Here’s Why!

sectional garage door

With just a push of a button, an automatic garage door makes your life much simpler whenever you want to enter the garage. However, to ensure a heavy piece of machinery like a garage door stays in top condition for a long period of time, regular maintenance of the many individual garage door parts Perth is needed. Both small DIY maintenance and a professional touch are important in order to prolong the age of your garage door which sometimes requires the replacement of the old parts with new garage door spare parts Perth.

One of the most common issues surrounding a residential garage door is the sudden malfunction of the garage door opener. This can result in the door being stuck halfway and subsequently refusing the commands of the garage door remote. This could be due to one of the garage door parts Perth not being properly maintained. Eventually, if you ignore it, this condition will put you in an inconvenient situation and risk the security of your property.  

If such a situation occurs, you should call on the help of an emergency garage door repairs Perth professional who will jump in to help you fix the door stuck halfway. However, one way to help prevent this emergency situation is by conducting a simple check (weekly or monthly) on each part of the door and take note of which parts seem to have signs of malfunctioning.  Afterwards, be sure to mention your finding to a professional who can then work their magic. 

Here are some of the reasons why your garage door is stuck halfway

1. Obstructions or Misaligned Sensors

Every automatic garage door has sensors installed on each side of the wall, which allow the infrared beams to aid the functionality of the garage door. The sensors operate as the garage door’s “eyes” to determine when the door closes or opens with the infrared beams constantly connecting to the signal. However, if somehow the path of the beam is disturbed/blocked by an object or the sensor position is misaligned, the door will automatically stop working halfway as a safety mechanism to prevent an accident. 

If it’s misaligned, consider tightening the wing nuts by holding them in place. Next, slowly turn the sensors with your hand until they are correctly aligned. Always clean the sensors with a soft and damp cloth to remove any debris that may be hindering the beams functionality. If you see nothing is blocking the infrared beams, consider contacting a professional to fix the problem.

2. Broken Springs

Another reason for a garage door stuck halfway could be due to broken springs. For an overhead sectional garage door, a torsion tube is installed to hold the torsion springs in place. If you see any spring hanging loose from the torsion tube, this could be an indication of broken springs. Get help from professional garage door services immediately because fixing the broken springs is classified as high-risk work as the springs can suddenly break and threaten the safety of anyone in the garage. A garage door service professional can give you a better option with garage door spare parts Perth replacement for your broken springs.

3. Worn Cables

The garage door cables are one of the garage door parts Perth that often break or malfunction due to their frequent use. One of the visible indications include the door’s position not properly aligning or possibly leaning towards one side. If you see this occurring with your door, quickly contact a professional to replace the worn cables with brand new garage door spare parts Perth to prevent major damage from happening.


Once you understand the reasons why your garage door is stuck halfway, there are clear steps you can take to prevent this situation happening. Our best advice is to get assistance from our experienced team at The Garage Door Shop and organise a regular service.  We make sure to thoroughly inspect the doors to find any malfunctioning parts that might be missed by untrained people. Please reach us by pressing the button below to learn more about our services.