Garage Door Opener Repair Perth

Our professional team of garage door opener repair Perth technicians understands how important the garage door is for most Perth residents. Regardless of if it is a residential or commercial garage door, we can provide a high-quality garage door opener repair Perth and replacement when you need them.

The majority of homeowners have absolutely no idea the way garage door openers really work and what happens if they are broken or damaged. Our technicians are ready to rise to the challenge and provide the garage door opener repair Perth you need in a timely and efficient manner.

Selecting the Ideal Opener for Your Garage Door

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Garage Door Opener Repair Perth

When you begin browsing all the garage door opener options in Perth, you may become overwhelmed rather quickly. There are quite a few different models and brands to choose from, which makes the decision somewhat challenging. Our technicians will consider all the choices and suggest the right opener for your needs and your Perth home.

Some factors to be considered when selecting the garage door opener Perth

1. Drive Type

Garage door openers are often characterized by the type of drive they use:
• Cain drive openers are the most common and affordable option. However, they can also be rather noisy.
• Belt drive openers are similar to chain drive ones, but the operation is more efficient and quieter.
Screw drive openers are in the middle of the previous two.

2. Power

The majority of smaller garage doors can operate with just a ½ horsepower opener. Heavier carriage style doors will likely need ¾ horsepower openers. If you are unsure, our technicians can let you know what you need.

3. Safety Features

Modern garage door openers in Perth are also equipped with a number of safety features. The main safety mechanism is the anti-pinch feature. This reverses the door if an object is in its path.

4. Rolling Code Password

Modern garage doors are also equipped with safety features to make break-ins or theft difficult. Rolling codes mean that the password is changed each time the door is opened.

5. Lights

While this may not be the most exciting feature, it is one worth mentioning. Additional lighting can be quite beneficial at night. Standard garage door openers in Perth use 60-watt bulbs, but there are some that also take 100-watt bulbs.

6. Battery Backup

The majority of manufacturers provide this as an ala carte option. This ensures the door is able to be operated if a blackout occurs.

7. Warranty

Any quality garage door opener in Perth comes with a warranty. This can vary from one model to another. There are some that offer lifetime warranties. However, the standard in the industry is a 10-year warranty.

8. Price

The cost of garage door openers in Perth starts at around $135 and go up to $250. A higher horsepower model is more expensive. Also, the price can be affected by the opening device and the brand that is selected.

Let Our Technicians Help Your Garage Door Opener Repair Perth

We provide superior attention to detail and professional garage service Perth to ensure that we are always your number one pick for garage door opener repair Perth. Contact us for more information today.