Garage Door Opener Problems

Garage door repairs are an incredible addition to any home, and the technology attached to this system is constantly changing and advancing. However, the garage door opener system may experience some faults, and you may need to consult a professional to provide the garage door opener repair and maintenance services.  A well-maintained opener that receives regular preventative maintenance has fewer faults and an increased lifespan.

Most common garage door opener problems

Loud or unusual noises

One of the most common garage door opener problems is excessive noises, grinding, or creaking sounds. These creaking, grinding, or strange noises indicate that the system needs some new parts or requires some routine maintenance. Some possible causes of screeching or grinding sounds include worn hinges, worn rollers, loose springs, and bolts. The best solution to the problem is to have a replacement on the part causing the unusual noises. It would be best to contact a garage door repair professional if you are unsure of solving the problem. 

Affected by weather

The majority of garage door openers can operate in all kinds of weather conditions, whether in rainy or sunny conditions. However, depending on the model, make, settings, or the age of the system, it may fail to open in harsh or adverse conditions. The first thing that you need to look into is your motor sensitivity. The rollers may require some adjusting or additional lubrication to rectify the issue and work efficiently during all kinds of weather conditions. Thus it would be best to call an expert who will identify and solve the problem.

Struggling to move

If your garage door opener is moving jerkily, struggling to move, or moving slowly, this means that there is a broken component, bent track, or obstruction in the door opener. These are some of the problems that an expert or mechanic should solve. However, doing some routine maintenance will drastically reduce the likelihood of your garage door opener facing this kind of problem. The most accessible and easy maintenance is done by tightening the hardware and applying lubrication. Using white lithium grease on screws and chains and a spray lubricant on the springs will make the operations seamless.

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Garage door opener repair services

A garage door opener has extensive benefits and a worthwhile investment for you and your home. It eases accessibility, increases the value and improves the appearance of your home. However, you can encounter some garage door opener problems, which might ultimately lead to faults and damages to your garage door opener.

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