Garage Door Maintenance Tips to Make It Last Longer

It’s vital to have your garage door checked regularly by a professional to help spot any problems or issues before they become more severe. In addition, it’s important to seek help from a reliable service company that provides an extensive range of Perth garage parts and garage door openers for residential and commercial garage doors. 

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Garage Door Maintenance Tips DIY

Check and listen while the door is moving

One of the initial tips is to check and inspect the garage door while it’s opening or closing. A garage door in good condition moves efficiently or smoothly without making any grinding or scraping movements. If your garage door makes any scraping movements, ensure that your roller brackets and bolts are not loose. You can DIY by tightening the unfastened hardware or bolts with a socket wrench.

Check to ensure that the door is balanced

In this process, you need to disconnect the opener from your garage door and then manually move the door up and down about halfway. The door should remain in place. If the garage door moves on its own, it indicates that the garage door is not balanced. You will need to seek the assistance of a garage door specialist who will be able to fix the door properly.

Replace the batteries in the remote frequently

It’s vital to frequently replace your garage door remote batteries to avoid being locked outside when the remote can no longer work anymore. The remote manual should have information on how often to replace the batteries.

Lubricate moving parts

It’s vital to lubricate the chain and springs to help the moving parts operate smoothly when the door opens and closes.

Inspect the springs and cables

It’s important to check the panel or sectional doors springs and cables, which are the main parts that lift the door using a pulley mechanism. If you notice any signs of fraying or wear and tear due to friction, seek the help of a professional expert to solve the problem.

Some Of The Other Door Maintenance Tips Include:

  • Removing rust that may have accumulated in the steel garage door over time
  • Cleaning the tracks using a recommended track’s cleaner
  • Test and check if the autoreverse safety feature is in good condition and working properly
  • Check and replace the weather seal if it’s cracked or causes the door to jam.
  • Washing garage door using an all-purpose cleaner periodically.

How Often Do Garage Doors Need Assistance?

It’s essential to get professional garage door service and maintenance from an expert to check your garage door system at least twice a year. You need to ensure that these garage door maintenance services are conducted to prepare for snow and cold winter temperatures. You should also check or service your garage door system in early spring when the moisture and temperature levels have changed.

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