Garage Door Cable Repair Perth that You Can Count On

We offer replacement and repair services for your garage door cables. Regardless if you have a residential or commercial door, or if it is a pre-manufactured or custom model – we can handle the job regarding garage door cable repair Perth.

The garage door cable is a crucial part of effective garage door operation. They are responsible for the opening and closing of the door. If the cables become damaged or frail, they can lead to injuries or damage to your vehicle. To prevent accidents, it is essential you take pre-emptive measures including regular service and repair by our garage door technicians.

How Garage Door Cable Works?

24/7 Garage Door Cable Repair Perth
Garage Door Cable Repair Perth

Garage door cable is an important component in regard to the garage door openers. The load-bearing capacity determines what type of door can be opened and closed. Essentially, the garage door cable is responsible for opening and closing the door. However, after years of use, cables can become frail or simply lose their strength. If the cables are rusty and have splinters, they may snap rather easily.

Garage Door Cable Options

Cables are offered in a number of sizes and shapes starting from smaller options of around three feet and going up to longer options of about 12 feet in length. There is also the option to order custom cables for custom garage doors or even a commercial garage door. Also, cables will differ based on the torsion and extension spring system that is present.

Our technicians will be able to evaluate the type of garage door cable that you’re using and provide the right type of replacement to restore safety and function to your door. In most cases, garage doors will require a simple cable replacement. This means the pre-assembled cables can be installed, minimizing the amount of time and effort the repair job takes.

Dangers Presented by Loose Garage Door Cables

When garage cables are installed, they will lift and lower the door under tension. A faulty cable may snap back with violent force and cause serious injury to anyone nearby. In some models, the springs are also directly attached to the garage door cable. This means that the spring, which is also under a tremendous amount of pressure, comes loose and recoils violently. The force behind these is so much that there have been accidents that were fatal, therefore an emergency garage door repair Perth is needed during this situation.

Why Call Us for Garage Door Cable Repair Perth and Replacement?

It is not highly recommended that you try to replace or repair your garage door cables on your own. Instead, call us for garage door service Perth when an issue arises. We will inspect the problem and provide you with the necessary repairs. Our technicians understand how to handle this garage door cable repair Perth job safely and ensure the new cable installed is working properly. Call us today at 0408915505 to schedule a repair appointment.