Most Common Commercial Garage Doors Repairs

Keeping your commercial garage doors properly serviced and maintained is extremely important. While some businesses may be concerned about automatic garage door prices, they can deny you access to your premises and become safety issues if they are faulty.

The Garage Door Shop offers the best commercial garage door repairs in Perth and the best automatic garage door prices for all businesses in all suburbs. If you notice any of the following issues with your commercial garage, it might be time for garage door spare parts for your Perth business.

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Misaligned or Damaged Tracks

As a commercial door opens and closes, it travels along with metal guides. If these tracks are damaged, warped, or misaligned, the door will not function. Furthermore, the damage gets worse over time, increasing the risk of the tracks buckling. The most common causes of track damage are vehicles or equipment hitting the door.

The damage to the track may be repaired or straightened by an overhead door technician depending on the extent of the damage. It may be necessary to replace the entire track if the damage is severe.

Damaged or Dirty Rollers

The smooth movement of overhead doors is enabled by rollers. Eventually, however, they may become dirty and clogged with debris. If they have not been properly maintained, they can become worn, rusted, or damaged. You may hear squeaking or grinding noises if this occurs.

The rollers can usually be cleaned and lubricated to get things running again. It is recommended that a professional overhead door technician perform this task at least twice a year. The rollers may need to be replaced if they’ve become damaged or overly worn. Technicians can check for underlying damage and swap the parts out if necessary.

The Door Won’t Open Or There Is No Power

An automatic overhead door or a manual garage door needs a power supply to operate. You might be experiencing a problem with the power supply if your door is not opening and closing properly. When this occurs, your commercial garage door requires the help of an experienced technician to diagnose the issue.

This problem could also be as simple as faulty remote controls or flat batteries. Always ensure you replace the batteries in the garage door remote and test the door again before calling in a technician.

Damaged Springs or Cables

The garage door system is composed of both garage door torsion springs and cables. When one of them fails to perform, the commercial garage door will not open or close. It is important to maintain the garage door cables and springs of your doors as well as replace them if they break.

If you need help with your commercial garage door for your Perth business, contact our experienced technicians for the best service and automatic garage door prices in the city.