Commercial Garage Door Repair

Protect Your Assets and Increase Convenience with the Right Commercial Garage Doors in Toronto

When it comes to your commercial property, there are a number of ways to make it more secure and easier to use. One is to install a heavy-duty, quality commercial garage door in Toronto. If you are unsure of what you need for your business, then call us. Our technicians can help you consider all the options to find the right commercial garage door for your space and needs.

Who Needs a Commercial Garage Door?

Commercial garage doors are used in a vast array of industrial settings. From warehouses and auto dealerships to dockyards and service stations – you will find them in numerous locations. Any business that is worried about their equipment and assets will find these doors the ideal solution. The commercial doors we offer are extremely durable and tough, making them the number one choice for quite a few industries.

Factors that Make Our Commercial Garage Doors Stand Out
Some of the factors that make our commercial garage doors so appealing include:

  • Steel grade : Commercial garage doors utilize 15 to 25 gauge steel (which is higher than what is found on residential doors).
  • Panel gauge: This is a construction tool that assists in creating the layout for larger panel doors.
  • R-value: The R-value is the thermal resistance of the door. Higher thermal resistance means lower energy costs.

Style and Design Options for Commercial Garage Doors in Toronto
The three most common types of commercial garage doors offered include the following:

  • Aluminum doors : These are used for locations where the look of the door matters. They are offered in a number of finishes and patterns and typically have windows allowing in sunlight.
  • Steel sectional doors: Designed with various gauge and insulation options offering the most security and climate control.
  • Rolling steel doors: These have a steel strip to help easily roll up the door. It also makes the door more rigid, increasing durability.

Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Garage Door Needs?
There are a number of reasons you should choose us for your new commercial garage door in Toronto. First of all, we offer a wide range of products compared to others in the local area. If you want a branded door, such as Wayne Dalton, Clopay, or Stanley, we provide you with the best deals out there. We also offer extremely affordable prices, which is why our service has become so popular.
All of our doors and parts are the original branded parts. This means you can count on the quality and durability of the item you purchase.

Call Us Today for Commercial Garage Door Installation, Service, and Repair
If you are ready to install your commercial garage door, call us for more information. We will also provide continued service and maintenance to ensure your door continues working as expected