Broken Garage Door Spring? Here’s What To Do

Garage door springs are essential in the everyday use of the garage door since they make it easier to open or lift the door. Tension builds up when a garage door closes, then afterwards released when the door opens. If you search for a garage door repair near me, you will find several reliable service companies that offer quality garage door spring repair and replacement at an affordable cost.


Signs that show that your garage door spring has a problem

Some of the signs include:

  • The door becomes hard and heavy to open
  • The door is bent and crooked at the top
  • The door cannot stay up by itself
  • Safety and pulley cables are loose and hang down
  • The door makes jerky movements and fire cracking sounds when opening

It’s advisable and recommended that you should not open your garage door if it has a broken spring. Your door is fitted with two kinds of springs, this include: 

  • Torsion springs that are located at the top of the door help with the heavy lifting
  • Extension springs along the rails and either side of the door that help counterbalance the door’s weight as it is lowered or raised.

How to fix a broken spring on a garage door

You need expert help to fix your garage door with a broken spring; this is because it becomes challenging to do it by yourself. If you do not know how to replace a garage door spring on your own correctly, you will run the risk of injury from the door falling or springs snapping back at you. 

If you cannot use your opener because of a broken spring of your garage door, it’s advisable to:

  • Open the door manually since the garage door extension springs are broken; thus, you will have to lift the door’s entire weight.
  • Get help from a second person to lift the door since it will be cumbersome.
  • Use extreme caution while opening the door since it may pinch your fingers or fall onto your feet.

Garage Door Spring Cost

It’s usually impossible to repair the broken springs of a garage door; thus, garage door spring replacement is the way to go. The total cost of replacing the garage door spring is the same for different door types; however, it depends on the kind of spring in several varieties.

Factors that influence the cost to replace a garage door spring include:

  • The number of doors means that double doors can cost more than single doors
  • The type of spring that is commercial-grade springs are costlier than residential grade springs
  • The labour fees, depending on the kind of job, time spent and location
  • The urgency required to repair the door
  • The size of the garage

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