Automatic Garage Door Openers

Is this what you’re after? Roller door motor, roller door opener, auto garage door opener? 

Roller Door Opener with 2 remote hand transmitters and a wireless wall button. $599 fitted SAVE $150

Sectional Panel Door Opener with 2 remote hand transmitters and a wireless wall button. $599 fitted SAVE $150

Our Door Openers come with a massive 7 year motor warranty and 2 year electronic warranty.

Areas we service are;

Cardinia, Casey, Knox, Monash, Frankston, Dandenong, Whitehorse, Maroondah, Kingston, Bayside.‚Äč Here are some images of garage doors. Each type of garage door shown here uses a different type of auto door opener. Let us know what kind of door you have when you contact us to automate you garage door. Roller door (Internal view) Sectional Panel Door (internal view) Tilt door

Fun facts; Garage door openers were invented in 1926 by C.G Johnson of Hartford City Indiana. The overhead garage door opener became popular after the second world war and those models could be opened via a wired keypad.

Ever since the invention of the garage door opener, people have assumed that the overhead garage door opener was capable of lifting the weight of the garage door. This is not the case however as springs are used to counteract (or offset) the weight of the door.

The type of springs used on garage doors vary depending on the type of garage door they are fitted to. On overhead sectional panel doors there are 2 types used. Torsion springs (common in Australia) and extension springs (common in USA) and roller doors use torsion springs.

The automatic door opener is actually responsible for controling where the garage door opens and closes to and when the garage door is in the closed position the automatic garage door opener serves as a lock, holding the door closed. There are different types of garage door motors used to open garage doors. The sectional panel door opener and the roller door opener. There are some variations of these openers but it doesnt change the fact you only need one or the other.

Another common belief is that one automatic opener can open more than one door. In the case of domestic garage doors and openers, this is not the case. Each garage door requires it’s own automatic opener.

Another common misconception is that electric door openers are “hard wired”. (connect directly to electric wiring). This is not the case. Every domestic garage door opener in Australia has a power lead and plug that plugs straight into a general power outlet (standard household power point). So it’s just like a toaster. You just plug it in to turn it on.

There are five types of garage door openers for panel doors. Chain drive, belt drive, screw drive, direct drive and jackshaft.

Chain drive openers have a chain that connects the trolley to the motor. Belt drive openers use a rubber belt in place of a chain.Screw drive openers have a long screw inside the track. The trolley connects to this screw.Direct Drive openers have the motor installed inside the trolley and use a gear wheel to guide the trolley along a fixed chain.Jackshaft openers mount on the wall at either end of the torsion bar. 

There are two types of roller door openers. Chain drive and Direct drive. 

The chain drive have a chain that ran from a sprocket on the opener to a sprocket that was bolted to the drum wheel at on end of the roller door.The direct drive door opener allows the torsion shaft to run through it and has forks that clamp the drumwheel at on end of the roller door.

Other benefits of automatic garage door openers are;

They are fitted with something called force sensitivity. This allows the installer and owner to adjust how much force the door opener applies when closing the garage door. When the closing force is set correctly the door would stop and reverse when it detected an obstruction, causing in minimal damage or injury. The closing force can be set to high. This is very common. In this case the door can cause serious damage or injury. When the closing force is set to low the door will stop and reverse due to high wind or pressing into the ground to hard. This is very annoying for owners and they usually find their garage door is open when they come home if their door opener force is set to low. Automatic openers are also fitted with courtesy lighting. The light turns on when you activate the door opener. They are asually low watt lights but it come in handy when you’re using it at night.
Manual Release is another benefit of automatic garage door openers. The manual release lets the owner to put the auto opener in “neutral”. This allows the owner to open and close the door by hand. This comes in very handy during a power out because the opener will not work in a power out.