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We understand you rely on your garage door day after day.

This is why our garage door repair service is designed to provide you with reliable, helpful and knowledgeable service in and around the Perth area. When you call our technicians, they will arrive at your location quickly, evaluate the situation and then provide timely and effective repairs.

We do not want to be like everyone else in the garage door service industry in Perth. That is why we carefully screen each of our technicians to make sure they have the “right stuff” to provide quality and efficient repairs.

You can call to book service today, or simply send us a message to learn more about the garage door services we offer.

We Provide Service and Installation for a Large Selection of Residential Garage Doors in Perth Western Australia.

We are proud to be able to offer the following services:
•    Same Day Service
•    24 hr emergency repairs 7 days a week
•    We repair all brands of garage doors & motors
•    New garage door specialists
•    We offer a fully equipped mobile service
•    Guarantee best prices
•    All work carried out is fully guaranteed
•    Free Measure and Quote
•    No Obligation
•    All insurance works

Best Quality Garage Door Maintenance in Perth

Would you know if your garage door needed a service? By the time you realise something is wrong it might already be too late. Countless customers have had to spend excessive amounts on garage door replacements when the situation could have been prevented if it was caught early. Our team at Garage Door Shop Perth conduct high quality, thorough services at great value prices so that you can avoid this fate. You could save hundreds by having a quick check up instead of waiting for your door to stop working. Contact our team and organise a garage door service today.

Make sure your garage door is working smoothly!

Your garage door may seem like a seamless contraption but it actually consists of numerous little mechanisms. It takes only one of these to start working improperly for the functionality of your garage door to go way down. This is why regular garage door maintenance is so important as it helps determine if things aren’t working the way they should and can help you avoid needing major repairs in the future.

It’s important that you don’t attempt to service yourself as even simple parts like springs and hinges need to be handled with care to avoid putting yourself in danger and small parts like brackets can risk being overlooked. This is why a qualified technician should routinely be called in to make sure everything is working smoothly.

Why You Should Be Using a Professional

Door systems are complicated, and sometimes deceptively so. To attempt to fix issues with your garage door without knowing the intricacies and complexities of the system or without having the right tools can be dangerous both for you and for the door. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by hiring a skilled technician to give your garage door a maintenance service. This will be the easiest way to make sure that everything is done safely and correctly, without the risk of damaging any components or missing any vital aspects.

Storage Roller Doors Roller doors for storage facilities.

“The Mediterranean’‘ Sectional Panel Door STYLES: Timber look FEATURES: Finger safe technology Nylon Sleeves on roller axels Side seal – prevents rattle and draft.

“Georgian” Panel Door – Deep Ocean Available in other Colorbond Colors

“Georgian” Sectional Panel Door Available in colorbond colors.

Domestic Garage Roller Door FEATURES: Nylon drum wheels High cycle torsion springs Aluminium leading edge Safest guides in Australia Deep pressed profile for high wind areas. Colorbond steel finish.

”The Mediterranean’‘ Sectional Panel Garage Door Available in smooth and embossed styles.

“Cosmopolitan” Sectional Panel Door Available in Timber look and Colorbond colors.

“Regency” Sectional Panel Door – Monument Available on other Colorbond Colors

“The Mediterranean” Sectional Panel Door Available in Timber look and Colorbond colors.

“Regency” Sectional Panel Garage Door Available in Colorbond colors.

Proud Partner of The Australian Garage Door Safety Authority

People looking for information about garage doors ask a host of different questions. We’ve listed a few below and answered them as best as possible.
First of all, people use a range of phrases when referring to garage doors. To begin, it’s a good idea to clarify.
Roller doors, sectional panel doors, tilt doors, overhead panel doors, panel lift doors, electric roller doors, electric panel doors, automatic roller doors and automatic panel doors are all doors that are fitted to brick garages, metal garages, carports, along fenc lines and along driveways.