A lot of homes have flimsy, uninspirational aluminum garage doors designed to easily fade into the background, not adding style or visual interest. But with the right kind of garage door, you can add curb appeal, overall home worth and enhance everyday effectiveness. Changing your house’s garage door also yields one of the highest home returns on investment, with many homes balancing over 85%.

Whether your home is more conventional, modern or a style all its own, there are ways to improve your garage door and let it stand out. Begin adding curb appeal for your garage door by beginning with:

Creating visual interest by including stylish elements like windows, relief patterns, vertical sightlines or barn door style cross beams. Also, pick a standout material like wood, steel or mixed media for visual interest and intricacy.

Including color to your door adds contrast and with most current designs, you can have easy doors that match your house’s natural shades or pick customized paint colors, like bright red, to include variety.

Equipping the hardware of your garage door with period-specific hardware like iron arrows or fleur-de-lis can subtly bring a pop of style. Consider also utilizing natural elements to improve the appearance of your door with topiaries planted on either side, ivy growth or elegant stonework.

Bringing light with overhead or side fixtures makes your house appear inviting to visitors along with provide security when it’s dark. You can also create a light design with patterned lights along the garage and leading to the front door.

Integrating the design and finish of your garage door into your front door. You can balance the design features of your home by bringing elements of your garage door to your front door.

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Selecting the Right Garage Door for Your House In Melbourne

With today’s leading residential garage door manufacturer, you have the biggest choice of garage door designs and styles readily available. At the Garage Door Shop, we provide a large range of doors with both standard and contemporary appearances that can easily be included into your style.

Wood doors generally match more historical-looking homes with natural elements like stone, stucco and brick. Wood is extremely resilient, not denting or cracking with time and is naturally resistant to moisture and insects.

Contemporary: Visually bold and evoking simple tastes, contemporary doors make a strong statement and are readily available in several colors and can be lighter in appearance with the addition of windows.

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With a new garage door, you can quickly include curb appeal and visual interest to your home’s exterior. At The Garage Door Shop, we have a large choice of the finest-quality traditional and modern garage doors.